Mavis and Stitch

Hello! We’ve been adding new characters to Growbot.

This is Mavis the psychic squid! Mavis believes she has prophetic dreams, wherein she converses with peeps from galaxies close and far. Sometimes these dreams seep into her waking reality and cause a bit of confusion, but it’s nothing her unthinking hat can’t tackle. 

Although none of Mavis’s dreams come to pass, she is convinced there’s ‘a thread of reality’ in them. It’s a thread she struggles to let go of upon waking. 

Mavis has been working with Captain Thyme in the lucid dream tanks to gather data on a Growbot’s unconscious capacity for reality building. ‘Do we in fact dream ourselves alive’? Both Mavis and Captain Thyme share a passion for exploration, although Mavis is not a fan of Captain Thyme’s use of lucid technology to do so. She believes lucid dreaming gets in the way of discovery. ‘The unconscious mind is to be followed, not led.’ 

Mavis has a dream she wants to share with Nara. But the dream is frightening and Mavis needs a hug from her favourite toy frog, Stitch, if she is to find the courage to share it.

Stitch is trapped within the Octobot and Nara will need to retrieve it. 

Along the way there are grumpy light sprites, and skittish colour brites to contend with... 

The coral reef can now be repaired and restored. As colour returns to the reef, so do its occupants. Next month we’ll be making sea squirts, sponges and nudibranchs (yes, nudibranchs are a real thing) for the player to interact with :D

In room 2 the light sprite bus system is coming together. Nara will have to help the light sprites reach their destinations if she is to collect the remaining colour brites. 

The station may well be being ripped apart by a dark aggressive crystal force, but the light sprites refuse to let their day to day activities be interrupted. 

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